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Engineering has an important role in solving real-world problems, and it is critical for the world. Engineers make bridges, different medicines, rockets, etc.

People in Engineering

Henry Ford, the founder of Ford, the car company, was an engineer. He founded the now international car company, Ford. He is most famous for the assembly line in factories.


Neil Armstrong is actually an aeronautical engineer. He is best known for being the first person to step on the moon. He is someone most people don't realize is an engineer.


Emily Warren Roebling was a civil engineer. She oversaw the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge along with her husband, Washington Roebling.


Our Engineering Stars

Peter So is a senior design engineer at Lockheed Martin. He finds flaws in designs and causes of failures. You can watch his interview here.

Rachel Weyer is a mechanical engineer at Lockheed Martin. She just completed her masters degree at Villanova University while working part time. You can watch her interview here.

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