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Technology is important in everyone’s daily lives. It’s how I am able to tell you all about STEM. It’s how you can talk to your friends. It is how we transport ourselves to school or work. Technology has many different aspects, such as virtual reality, computer science, robotics, etc.

People in Technology

Grace Hopper was a computer scientist, and she developed the first fully electronic digital computer.  She also served in the US Navy. Her work led to the development of one of the first programming languages.


Alexander Graham Bell created the telephone. Without his invention, the world would not be the way it is today. He was a scientist and an engineer.


Nikola Tesla was an electrical engineer. He contributed in the invention of many different devices such as, fluorescent lights and wireless transmission. He is known for his developments in the world of modern electricity.


Our Technology Stars

Javier Casanova is the Chief Aviation Safety Inspector at Lockheed Martin. When there is a malfunction in an aircraft, he is there to find and solve the problem. His field is always advancing technologically. You can learn more about it in his interview here.

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